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New Fed Med card requirements for CDL drivers

New Fed Med card requirements for CDL drivers

Created: Thursday, September 27th, 2012 10:01 pm

Truck drivers are facing changing medical card components of the CDL requirements. The drivers will need to maintain a federal medical certificate as in previous regulations, but they are now required to report their exemption if they do hold one.

Trucking companies are currently responsible for tracking their drivers’ medical cards, but under new requirements, the state’s DMV will now have to maintain Fed Med records. CDL holders must self-certify which classification of vehicle they operate to the DMV to determine whether or not they meet the regulations. If the DMV does not have a card on file for a certain driver, they will suspend the driver’s license.

In most states, drivers are now required to show their Fed Med card when applying to renew a commercial driver’s license for interstate commerce. Those drivers who do not show their Fed Med card may find themselves restricted to intrastate commerce.

Fed Med cards are good for two years, and drivers must notify the DMV when the card expires.

Many states have already begun to implement the policy to ensure future compliance, but all CDL holders who are required to file a Fed Med card must do so by January 30, 2014. 

With the implementation date for the hours of service regulation looming on the horizon, a new study has been released that offers an alternative to the controversial legislation.

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